Scoop (2006)

Scoop (2006)
USA, UK – Comedy, Mystery – 96 min

First of all, I must admit I am not exactly a huge fan of Woody Allen’s works. I always thought there were just too many, too long dialogues that ruined the whole idea of a movie.

However, this time it is different. The movie is I&E – intriguing and entertaining. Of course, the wordy talks has been included, but they do not strike so intensively. As a matter of fact, they go along with the story and the character played by the director himself.

What’s the plot then?
Allen’s muse – Scarlett Johansson – plays a young journalism student who happens to meet a ghost of a journalist during a magician’s act. The ghost tells her that the infamous Tarot Card Killer’s identity is a famous millionaire’s son. And so the investigation begins.
But can this gorgeous, sweet, kind, intelligent man be such a criminal? And what’s with that ghost anyway?

Are you intrigued yet?

The story gets you totally soaked up in, also the fine piece of acting and (alright, Woody, you won) directing. The film’s funny, not too funny, but maybe that’s best as I heard of a man who died due to laughing too much…

All in all, have a great time watching it!

My rate: 7/10

The Children

The Children (2008)
United Kingdom – 85 min.- thriller, horror, mystery
directed by Tom Shankland
written by Tom Shankland (screenplay) and Paul Andrew Williams (story)

If you’re not willing to have any offspring, you’re certainly not going to change your mind after watching this movie.

It was supposed to be an idyllic New Year Eve, two families celebrating together. The children suddenly get sick, one by one, and then – go out of their minds. The meaning of ‘playing’ for those kids is no longer the same. They want blood!

What I enjoyed in this movie is the novel idea of breaking the stereotype of a sweet innocent child and putting a knife in his hand, instead of a teddy bear.
Also, the mysterious atmosphere and electrifying plot twists totally go along with the story.

However, I felt irritated by the completely illogical actions of the adults; they were just stupid. What’s more, the parents didn’t really took much care about the coughing, vomiting little boys and girls.
No wonder they got so pissed.

My rate: 6/10