Persepolis (2007)

Persepolis (2007)
France – 96 min – drama, comedy, biography
Written and directed by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi (also the author of the comic)

In one word?
Definitely one of the best I’ve seen lately.

Persepolis is an animated illustration of the life of Marjane Satrapi, the writer and director. Her childhood and adolescence coincided with major political and social changes in her homeland, Iran. First, the overthrow of the Shah, dreams of freedom, then Islamic Revolution, war with Iraq, tightening the standards of clothing and mores. We learn about these from the perspective of a girl, then teenager and finally a young woman. Marjane has been raised in an intelligent family, whose members are proud of their beliefs, even though it might lead them to prison.

The movie is a diary of a young, rebellious soul that tries to find her place in this crazy, inexplicable and ever changing world. This ain’t no easy, neither in her own land, where she is suddenly told to wear hijab and holding hands with a boy became a crime, nor in Austria, where no one seems to understand the heroine.

But wait a second!
The film is NOT one of the dramatic, heavy tearjerkers. You can burst into tears as well as into laughter!
The extraordinary, smooth graphics nicely combines with fascinating story, filled with important life and history lessons, amusement and satire.
And some melting mood.

I recommend it to watch whenever you have time, however you feel. Just watch!

My rate: 9,5/10