I started this blog out of my passion for good movies.

Just like everybody else, I enjoy  electrifying plot twists, authentic, memorable dialogues, vivid characters  and originality of the story.

Masterpieces of cinematography, films that open your mind or  simply amuse and fill in your leisure, finally – those staying with you forever, bringing back heart-warming memories or causing goosebumps – too many of them stay unrevealed to most people.

That’s why I decided to share with you my opinions on the movies I’d watched.

For your convenience (and my strange need to do categorize things) I’m going to tag each movie and make lists according to genre, mood, purpose etc. (Hope I can make it work the way I imagine…).

Ready, steady, watch!

NOTE: I’m no qualified expert nor did I graduate from any art/movie-related major. This blog is purely subjective, based on my own opinions and impressions.