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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci fi, Comedy, Drama – USA – 135 min

Written by Lawrence Kasdan, J. J. Abrams, Michael Arndt, (George Lucas)

Directed by J. J. Abrams


It is said nobody’s perfect, nothing’s perfect on Earth. Well, then this movie must have been made on another planet, in a galaxy far, far away

Millions of people around the world, generations of fans have been waiting for it for 10 years, since the last Star Wars movie – Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005) was released. Finally, here it is!

Let’s be honest – the bar has been set very high. The creators, however, jumped over it in a fine way.

The film brings out the very best of the old trilogy and leave the audience delighted. The classic Star Wars motives and gags are combined masterly with freshness and creativity. We’ve got a new strong female lead, a new ridiculously cute (and funny!) droid, a young man who decides to change his destiny, a man in a black mask who commands Stormtroopers and uses the Force. We’ve got a complicated parents-son relationship, friendships, a bit of love. We’ve got The Resistance, the First Order – a Nazi-inspired dark-side heir of the Galactic Empire. Finally, we’ve got some old friends, too! And… a chase after Luke. The Luke!

Fast, complex action, thrilling adventures, explosions, engaging fight scenes (yup, that’s the world- engaging). I laughed, I cried.  It certainly doesn’t lack surprises – both pleasant and not. I really enjoyed the plot, the marvellous shots and special effects. The awesome characters and their costumes add to the awesomeness of the whole. And that’s not nearly all. Watch it, and you’ll know what I mean.

Although the movie could have spared few minor mistakes, The Force Awakens is as good as it can be.

(I gotta tell you, Rey is my new favorite heroine!)

My score: 10/10 (!!!)



Reasons why you should watch Star Wars if you haven’t

Today in Poland (and many other countries too) is the day of the big premiere of the Star Wars: Force Awakens (2015), the 7th part of the iconic saga. We’re just witnessing a major event in the world popculture.

I never considered myself to be a part of the sci-fi fandom. It was only this year that I have seen my very first Star Wars movie. And boy! Was I surprised! Turns out, it has much to offer, even to those of you who stay away from futurism and space fiction.

For you, dear sceptics, I listed below some reasons why you should give it a try and watch Star Wars* after all. You’re welcome.

1. The characters: whether he or she looks like human, has metal robotic heart or is an alien with fairly odd appearance – it can earn your  favor (or antypathy) suprisingly fast . There are plenty of strong personalities,  fascinating creatures, incredible beings (both from the visual and the temper-point of view) in the saga. The variety of roles is striking – as it covers inhabitants of different planets and races.

Again, many of them has become legendary over the years. Some have complicated background story. Some are just one of many. Some Jedi masters are. Do watch for Han Solo. Do watch for master Yoda. Do watch for Wookie. Do watch for… your pick!

Most of the roles are well-played. MOST.


2. Leia: okay, I just made a whole separate reason for one character. But she is worth it! Intelligent, courageous, brave, beautiful. Good- hearted! Elegant. (And… pretty!) That’s all I could ask for when it comes to perfect female part. Seriously, Leia is one of the best lady character in the whole story of cinematography. Plus – she’s good at combat! My heroine. Feminists out there – you’ll be delighted!


3. The relationships: if you are fond of romances – you will find a good one (Leia and Han Solo). If you hate romances – you will laugh out loud sneeringly at Anakin and Amidala’s poor flirting in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002).

Now, if you’re looking for a movie about true friendship – do watch the saga. It’s full of (often funny) buddies who may not always agree, but truly love each other. My favorite couple of pals are two droids: R2D2 and C3PO. You cannot watch their ‘dialogues’ and not laugh or at least smile sincerely. Do watch for them, do watch for Han Solo and Wookie.



4. The visuals: firstly, Amidala’s incredible outfits, hairdos and makeup. This is truly a heaven for fashion-oriented moviegoers. Her style is outstanding and delightful! Her appearance surely has been inspired by the Orient but still is original as it could be!


Secondly, costumes and characterisation. In the old trilogy (episodes IV – VI), the aliens of strange appearance are played by the actors wearing fantastic costumes. It works great! And – surprisingly! – seems so natural! In the episodes I – III most of these wonderful alien costumes has been replaced simply by computer effects (CGI). The audience didn’t like that as it took away much of alien’s charm. In the newest episode the actors wearing costumes are said to be back! 🙂

Thirdly, special effects and scenery. Spaceships, planets, cities. Explosions. Races and chases. Nicely done! Very nicely done!

5. Epic battles and fights: frigging lightsabers! Fighting with lightsabers! Double lightsabers! Not enough?!


Fine combat styles. Fighting with space vehicles. Boom! Boom! Tatatat-tata!

The force! Jedi knights! The dark side of the force!

6. Real-world problems in the imaginary one: the ups and downs of the parent-children relationship (oh, boy!). Not always so perfect work of parliament (yup). The eternal good vs. evil conflict. Lust for power. Greed. Slavery. Death.


Well, these are the reasons that came to my head. There are probably even more. So why not give it a try?

Still having doubts?

May the  force be with you!

* – I suggest you start your space journey with Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977)

Armageddon (1998)

Armageddon (1998)


USA – Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama – 151 min

Directed by Michael Bay

Written by Jonathan Hensleigh (story and screenplay), J. J. Abrams (screenplay), Tony Gilroy and Shane Salerno (adaptation), Robert Roy Pool (story)

I was surprised when I found out ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ by Aerosmith, one of the most beautiful love songs ever made (in my opinion), has been performed for a movie. I decided to check this one out.

Imagine you’re just walking your dog on the streets of New York, when suddenly pieces of rocks start falling from the sky destroying cars, building and killing people. Crazy, right? And that’s just the prelude for the concert of a massive asteroid approaching Earth to bring the ultimate end to the whole life. At this point the probability of events shown in the movie reaches its maximum.

At the N.A.S.A. scientists gather to find the way to save our noble planet (sadly, no, not from the pollution). A plan prepared by military experts is ridiculed by the man described as the most intelligent in the whole world (yawn!). (Interestingly, his greatest contribution to the Earth-saving project is moving a stick with a model asteroid attached to it while presenting the chosen tactics much later to the participants of space mission). In the end, the scientists decide to place nuclear load inside the enormous cosmic rock and detonate it at the right moment.

The plan requires to send there experienced and skilled staff with geological knowledge. Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) who is said to be the best oil-driller in the world (yawn, again) gets his call of duty for the mission. Just after he found his worker – A.J. (Ben Affleck) was dating and sleeping with his beloved daughter (Liv Tyler). Tough day for a tough man, you could say.

Anyway, he then recruits his co-workers  to take part in the project with him, along with A.J. None of the men (of course…) tends to hesitate with the decision whether to go or not, as if they were going on life-threating space trip once every month. Some sentenced, notorious law-breakers and mostly not giving the impression of sharp-witted are supposed to be the heroes of all the time. Seriously, is that as good as we can get? Really? Perhaps the ultra-fast training at N.A.S.A. can help bring the heroesness out of them. Perhaps…

At the beginning the action seems pretty tense and dynamic – even too much, which may be confusing and give the impression of watching rather summary or highlists, not the movie itself. It then slows down dramatically as characters enter the space. It actually goes too slow, as apart from saving life on Earth they can still argue and do foolish stuff. Cause they have time. Urgh. Come on, when will the bombs explode and destroy the freaking asteroide?!

I would decribe the film as a science-fiction fairy tale for adults. Too many cliches, too many illogical actions and lack of reflection at some crucial moments. A Russian astronaut representing all the stereotypes an American may have about Russians (and a t-shirt with a CCCP inscription on a red star as a bonus). Again: seriously? Apart from the unreality, this fairy tale brings some sad, often too affected moments of drama. Which – I have to admit – I have fallen for, and my tears as well. The editing annoyed me, especially in the fast-action part.

The music is pretty good, though.

My rate: 6/10