woody allen

Whatever Works (2009)

Whatever Works (2009)


USA – 92 min – Comedy

Directed and written by Woody Allen


Woody Allen takes on the topic of love again. This time, it is not only a funny movie, but philosophical as well.

There’s a neurotic, old guy (Woody Allen, is that you? No, not this time. It’s Larry David.), a physicist whose way of perceiving life and world is sarcastic and pessimistic, to say the least. There’s a young, naive girl with many hopes but with few IQ points. Then, there’s her ultra conservative mother, her father, a handsome guy (or even two of them), neurotic guy’s friends.

Finally, there’s love.

Whatever Works shows us some of the million faces of love and how unpredicted and unexpected it can be. Though it seems like a cliché, this movie isn’t one to follow hackneyed path of a typical romantic comedy.

Apart from the main theme of l’amour between two or more people we’ll find there reflections on the human nature. On the one side, an old, surly man, who’s tired of life and who failed to commit a suicide. On the other, a young woman, who starts her adulthood full of hopes, dreams and without any specific plans. The confrontation of these two characters resemble how much a person changes throughout his/her life and how hard it may be to communicate between the two phases of existence or two generations.

The movie sure is full of hilarious dialogues, monologues and surprising plot twists.

I recommend for a romantic evening for those of you, who’d like to watch a real comedy with elements of romance.


My rate: 8/10