A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)


Horror (?), drama – USA – 101 min
Written and directed by Ana Lily Amirpour

A girl walks home alone at night.

Actually, no. She isn’t. She’s on the streets on purpose.

The girl’s after sinful blood, killing bad people. Or, if you’re lucky enough, she just warns you to change your sinful ways. Kind of a superhero, in a supertwisted manner. (She even wears a cape!)

Bad City with its few citizens seems to be full of various sins and poor life choices. A drug dealer, drug addicts, a streetwalker, her clients, a boy who tells lies, a spoiled girl from a wealthy family. Finally, a boy serving the rich house, whose father is both addicted to drugs and the hooker’s client. He, who adopts a homeless cat, takes care of his parent and seeks love. Almost crystal clear. He and the vampire girl fall in love. Or something like that – I mean vampires have cold, dead hearts, don’t they?

Regardless of what I had read in the reviews, I did not see a great story of forbidden love. The plot was alright, not really touching, not really eyes-opening. Nor did I see a horror. I’d rather call it a dark fantasy-drama with some western in it. Okay, there are some bloody, violent scenes but fearful events haven’t been much highlighted. The whole atmoshphere was mysterious, lyrical and hypnotising. Yes, that’s the most adequate word. The black-whiteness, in which the movie was created, paired with madly perfect-suited soundtrack add to the strange feeling about the movie. Or, is it a vampire’s trick? Now I can be scared. Perhaps it is a horror anyway…

Anyway, it is a beautiful piece of cinematography, made with mastery. Some scenes were simply amazing and addictive  (I want to do skateboarding with black cape on too!), some enigmatic and leave you puzzled.

My rating: 8/10.

P.S. Check out the soundtrack!

Seventh Son (2014)

Seventh Son (2014)


USA – 103 min – Fantasy (Drama?)

Directed by Sergei Bodrov

Written by Charles Leavitt & Steven Knight (screenplay), Matt Greenberg (screen story), Joseph Delaney (novel)

Here’s the deal: I’ve never been one of those maniacs of fantasy nor a LOTR fan and didn’t understand at all that fascination with medieval-inspired magic worlds. It wasn’t until I saw my very first fantasy film – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I was enchanted! Suddenly, new doors opened for me. And then the next Hobbit movie came out. Disappointment. And… the last one. Better than the second chapter, fortunately. Therefore, I decided not to give up on fantasy movies. Not yet.

And now back to the topic. There’s a story of witch. Not “a witch”, no Harry Potter kind of witch, but THE witch – Mother Malkin, who is said to be the queen of the witches. She’s one badass (and totally bad at the same time) magic woman who transforms into cool dragon. And yet we can still add +1 awesomeness to the character as she has the face, the body and the voice of Julianne Moore, who fit into the role perfectly. Just how awesome is that!

Malkin used to be a good witch-being but people didn’t understand her, treated her badly (emo? ;c) etc. So… she became evil. And lost the love of a man. Who happens to be ‘the Spook’ played by Jeff Bridges. And kills evil magic villains. Like witches.

So now there’s a quest of the Spook, a.k.a. Master Gregory (or, Drunken Master imitation), his loyal, probably immortal but useless sidekick Tusk and the seventh son of the seventh son to kill Mother Malkin before she takes over the world and kill people or something. The 7th son, a.k.a. Tom Ward, meanwhile falls in love with half-witch niece of Malkin and brings us the cheap soap opera elements. Hurray.

The stunning, breath-taking (warning for the asthmatics!) special effects are beastly shadowed by poor plot. Dozens of cliches appear throughout the movie, along with illogical actions of characters, unfunny OVERused humor and too many unexplained and UNDERused themes. Seriously, that’s just annoying. What a pity they didn’t quite explore the psychological aspects of Malkin’s personality transformation! Perhaps Master Gregory wasn’t supportive enough as a lover and just ran away?

I just get the feeling they could have created so much more out of what they had and give us a better, deeper movie with much more intellectual value included.

The best sum up to this review came to my mind right at the end of the movie:

You know the movie is weak when the best part of it is closing credits. I kid you not – it rules! The main reason may be ’cause there was no plot nor dialogues involved, just amazing graphic design, editing and music.

But still, the questions arise:

Why did it have to be the 7th son of the 7th son? Was the grandpa a 7th son as well? Whose descendants are they anyway?!

My rate: 6 dragons out of 10 dragons (and only thanks to the graphic designers that created topping dragons and other ripping creatures. Well done!)


Can someone please recommend me any great fantasy movie? Anyone?