Neighbors (2014)

Neighbors (2014)


USA – 97 min – comedy

Written by Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O’Brien

Directed by Nicholas Stoller


As the average life expectancy increased with the advances in medicine and technology that is supposed to make us live longer, healthier and better, the moment to finally break up with your childhood and take responsibility of yourself also has moved in the time. There are quite lots of movies about 30- or so years-old teenagers (or, should I say, babies?) that refuse to fly out of their family nests and start a true adult existence.

Yet there’s another story. A married couple of about the mentioned age tries to find balance between taking care of their baby girl (gosh, what a cutie! >.<) and keeping up with their friends a.k.a. proving they didn’t become boring. Duh. Surprisingly (or not, if you’ve seen the trailer or read the descritpion somewhere), a fraternity moves in to the nearby house . This can only mean one. Parties. Wild, noisy parties.

The parents try to act cool asking the new neighbours to keep down the music. Aaand… you saw it coming, nights were not silent. This means war, in which our characters can redefine themselves and learn who are they now and what makes them happy.

Now that’s a modern story of growing up!

Movie’s funny, not ‘Naked Gun’- funny, but still amusing. And truly astonishing at a few moments.

My rate: 7,5/10

P.S. Seems like a whole lot of words in brackets. Hope that isn’t the sign of my style of writing getting older and mature.


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